No need to head to the emergency room or an orthopedist to get an x-ray. We have onsite x-ray machinery that allows our medical staff to diagnose bone and joint problems, such as bone fractures and breaks. X-rays can also help determine issues that may be affecting soft tissues, such as pneumonia or if a child has ingested a non-food solid.

Minor Emergencies and Injuries
An urgent care facility is the perfect place to treat minor emergencies. Minor emergencies include all injuries or illnesses that need prompt medical care, but which are not life-threatening. Examples of minor emergencies include sprains, strains, burns, lacerations, fractures, wound infections, stitches, removal of superficial foreign objects, car accidents, and dislocations.

COVID Testing
We offer same day COVID-19 testing and can even notify you of your test results via text. This is a great service for people who have been exposed or who need COVID-19 test results for any reason.

Children’s Services
We can handle many aspects of pediatric health, from minor emergencies to routine care like vaccines and sports physicals. We work with pediatricians and primary care providers to ensure continuous care and make sure your child’s primary physician has information about presenting illnesses or injuries, to ensure your child always receives the best care. Some of the pediatric services we provide include vaccines, flu testing and care, strep throat testing and care, pink eye treatment, UTI treatment, allergies, rashes, infections, and minor emergency care.

Pediatric Urgent Care
It seems like kids get sick on weekends or after hours. Waiting till you can see your pediatrician for treatment not only means your kid is suffering, but could also give time for a serious illness to develop. We treat the whole range of childhood illnesses, including strep throat, flu, ear infections, and other common childhood ailments. Our pediatric urgent care facility can also treat minor emergencies in children, such as sprains, strains, burns, lacerations, fractures, wound infections, stitches, removal of superficial foreign objects, car accidents, and dislocations.

DOT Physicals
Need a physical that complies with DOT regulations? We can handle those and send reports to applicable employers or regulatory bodies. We also handle physicals for CDLs.

We provide a range of urgent and non-urgent medical care. In an ideal world, everyone has a primary physician and access to routine medical care. In the real world, that simply is not the case. We believe you should have access to high-quality medical care, even if you do not have a primary care physician. That is why, in addition to offering urgent care for illnesses and minor emergencies, we offer physicals, health screenings, and treatment for minor illnesses and medical conditions.

Occupational Medicine
Whether you are an employer seeking a partner for employee healthcare or an employee seeking a return-to-work clearance, we are happy to offer occupational medicine. Let us know if you are seeking our services to treat a work-related condition or injury so that we can fill out any forms you need to comply with employer rules and regulations.

Employer Services
We work with a number of employers to provide employer-related health services. We can treat occupational injuries, handle employee physicals, and even do drug screenings for employees and prospective employees. We can handle work-related injuries or illnesses, workers compensation physicals, DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, immunizations, vaccines, and DOT physical examinations.

Workers Compensation
We offer comprehensive workers compensation treatments that are designed to get employees back to work quickly and safely. We develop a back-to-work plan with employee clients, work with employers, and provide primary treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as specialist referrals when necessary. We also handle DOT physical exams and DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing.

DOT and non-DOT Drug Testing
We offer drug and alcohol testing. We have an on-site laboratory for drug testing, which means that we can offer quick, reliable results. While primarily used by employers, our drug testing facilities can also be used for other purposes. We offer four types of drug or alcohol screening tests: urine testing services, oral fluid testing services, hair testing services, and breath alcohol screening. For DOT testing, we have online event scheduling, drug testing and management software, instant electronic DOT MIS reports, and DOT compliance reports.

Alere Diagnostics
Need to establish chain-of-custody for your diagnostic testing? We can handle it. We offer electronic chain of custody (eCCF) for DOT drug testing using Alere Laboratories. Our computer automated options include urine, oral fluid, and hair testing services as well as breath alcohol screening.

In addition to minor emergencies, our urgent care facility is perfect for when you have an illness that needs treatment. We treat headaches, flu, colds, congestion, runny noses, allergies, asthma, insect bites, abscesses, rashes, GI upsets, stomach disorders, ear infections, sore throats, sinus infections, bronchitis, UTI’s, and fever. We can also handle Coumadin/INR checks.

Autism Friendly
If you are an adult with Autism or the parent of a child with autism, getting urgent care can be intimidating. The care is already outside of any established routine and the patient does not feel well. Our physicians and staff have undergone training designed to make our facilities friendly to people with Autism Spectrum (ASD), wherever they are on the spectrum. COVID-19 PREREGISTRATION IN